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All Seven Charles Williams Novels – now available

The project we supported to publish hardback, collectors editions of the novels of Charles Williams is now complete – all seven of Williams fascinating ‘metaphysical thrillers’ are now available for purchase.

All Hallows’ Eve

Now available and added to The Charles Williams Library: All Hallows’ Eve.

A Rumour of Adventure: an Inklings Story

Inklings fans! Author Kees Paling has written a light-hearted novella imagining four of the Inklings – Lewis, Tolkien, Williams, and Barfield – all going for a walking tour. They stroll through the countryside, discuss their literary obsessions, and have minor adventures. Various elements from the authors work appears as easter eggs or plot devices; it’s […]

Many Dimensions

Now available and added to The Charles Williams Library: Many Dimensions. Many Dimensions is one of the most enjoyable of Williams’ novels. It’s got magic, drama, time travel, commerce, a romp through an English village, and of course, Serious People discussing the Concept of Justice. The plot moves quickly: nasty rich collector Giles Tumulty has […]

Descent Into Hell – now available!

Now available and added to The Charles Williams Library: Descent Into Hell. Descent Into Hell is probably the best novel by Williams – it’s the fullest statement of his ideas about substitution and exchange in the Christian life, and also brings together more than a few of his obsessions. Plus, it’s a spooky page-turner! In this one, there’s […]

War in Heaven

War in Heaven was just added to the Charles Williams Library, a project publishing collectors editions of Williams novels.  It’s available now at

An Introduction to John Milton

IN January 1940, Charles Williams gave a lecture in Oxford on John Milton. C.S. Lewis wrote about it enthusiastically, saying it was “nominally on Comus but really on Chastity. Simply as criticism it was superb because here was a man who really started from the same point of view as Milton and really cared with […]

The Charles Williams Society

Closure of the Charles Williams Society A Statement by the Chairman of the Council At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Charles Williams Society held in Oxford in June last year, members of the society passed a resolution giving formal assent to the winding up of the society. It was, inevitably, a sad occasion. The […]

The Celian Moment and other essays.

The Greystones Press will be bringing out a new volume of Charles Williams essays on 6 April, called The Celian Moment and other essays.

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