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Charles Williams as a literary critic, by Stephen Barber

The following is an article by Stephen Barber.

Among many other things Charles Williams was a jobbing writer. In that capacity he wrote a good deal of literary criticism. There are five complete books, or rather four and a half, the last being unfinished:

  • Poetry at Present, 1930
  • The English Poetic Mind, 1932
  • Reason and Beauty in the Poetic Mind, 1933
  • The Figure of Beatrice, 1943
  • The Figure of Arthur (unfinished), in Arthurian Torso, with C. S. Lewis, 1948

There is also a large number of essays. Some of these were collected by Anne Ridler in The Image of the City, 1958, but many interesting ones were not, and I shall be referring to some of these.

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