The Charles Williams Society


We have been asked to inform users of this site of some fellow-sites.  We are glad to do so.

Williams was one of the leading members of the Oxford literary group, “The Inklings”.. There are several sites associated with members of the Inklings or the group as a whole, for instance:

German-based “Inklings-Gesellschaft”

C. S.Lewis Society of California

Brazilian Tolkien Society

The Tolkien Society

Owen Barfield Literary Estate

The Owen Barfield Society

and an internet group devoted to Williams himself,  “Web of Exchange”.

A number of other writers came under Williams’s influence. Users of this site might be interested in looking at the pages of

The Dorothy L. Sayers Society

or of the Alliance of Literary Societies, which of course covers a far wider range of writers.

“Nebula Search” is worth consulting, but it includes references to other people called “Charles Williams”  the names are not rare ones!

The New Christian Year, his anthology of excerpts from earloier writers – from the Fathers to Karl Barth – has recently appeared on the internet as a “blog” by courtesy of Mr. Tom Wills.

Book sellers

Anyone looking for out-of-print books by Williams (or other Inklings) might like to contact one of the following booksellers.

Apocryphile have also reprinted three collections of Williams’s earlier poetry, Divorce, Poems of Conformity, and Windows of Night. For details see Apocryphile’s own website.

Toby English, Antiquarian & Secondhand Books, 10 St. Mary’s Street, Wallingford, Oxon. OX10 0EL
T:     01491 836389

Ian Blakemore, Rosley Farm, Rosley, Wigton, Cumbria. CA7 8BZ
T:     016973 499238