The Charles Williams Society

Index to our Classification System

Below is an index to the classification system we use for our Catalog Archive. It is also available to download as a MS Word doc.

The Charles Williams Society Archival Classification System

I. Works by Charles Williams
[published and unpublished, with the latter coming after the numbered subheadings assigned by Lois Glenn to each category]


i. Poetry

ii. Novels

iii. Plays

iv. Criticism

v. Theology

vi. Biographies

B. Poems and Stories

C. Articles & Letters

D. Reviews

E. Edited Works

F. Correspondence of Williams

G. Bibliography

H Miscellany

II. Works about Charles Williams

A. Personal Recollections of CW

B. Studies about CW (incl. monographs, articles, chapters & dissertations)

C. Reviews of CW’s works

D. The Inklings

E. Working notes of AMH

F. Working notes of others

G. Cartoons / sketches / photographs

III. Events relating to Williams

A. TV programme

B. St Alban’s celebration

C Bodleian exhibition

D. Conferences & workshops

E. Centenary Celebration

F. Funeral, obits, burial

G. Holywell Cemetery – newsletters and appeals

IV. Miscellaneous correspondence

A. Alice Mary Hadfield (from, by, or about)

B Edith Williams

C. Michal Williams

D. John D. Pellow

E. Anne Scott

F. Michael Williams & Clyde Kilby

G. Margaret Douglas

V. The Charles Williams Society

A. Constitution & Rules

B. Other Papers

C. Reference Library

D. Membership Lists

E. Correspondence

F. Individual Members [John Heath-Stubbs, Gillian Lunn, Stephen Medcalf, Martin Moynihan, Barbara Reynolds, Richard Hayward Wallis, Alice Mary Hadfield, Ellis Charles Raymond Hadfield]

G. Membership brochures &. Newsletter

H. Conferences

VI. Other Societies

A. The George MacDonald Society

B. The Dorothy L. Sayers Society

C. C. S. Lewis

VII. Tapes / Recordings

VIII. Artwork & Certificates
[large, flat box]