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Essays and Others

Williams wrote many essays, reviews, and exploratory pieces. These few can be found in print.

The Image of the City (and Other Essays)


When Charles Williams died in 1945 there remained to us of his work, besides his published books and those which he had in preparation for the press, a number of essays which had appeared in periodicals and elsewhere, many of which contain important statements of his ideas. A selection of these is printed here.

Poetry at Present


This book is meant as an introduction to the works of certain contemporary poets, for those readers who do not know them, while not being, it is hoped, entirely without interest for those who do. Nota bene: ‘contemporary’ in this care means contemporary with Williams himself!

The Figure of Beatrice


One of the most ambitious essays in the interpretation of Dante our time has seen…his interpretation of the role of Beatrice is a subtle and individual one.

Henry VII


Henry VII is less spectacular than his descendants, but not less interesting or even exciting. The first of the Tudors has been less written about than any (except Edward VI). He supplanted a dynasty and subordinated an aristocracy; he collected a treasure and created a fleet. But he created also the engine of monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth


The life of Elizabeth represents, in English history, the longest and most spectacular period of a change in society. That change began before her. It was the change from a society directed, at any rate in theory, by a metaphysical idea, to a society directed, both in theory and practice, by nothing but he continual pressure of events. It is a change completed in our day. Recently back in print!

James I


With an Introduction by Dorothy Sayers

The English Poetic Mind


Reason and Beauty in the Poetic Mind


Arthurian Torso


The Torso contains the Posthumous fragment of ‘The Figure of Arthur’, By Charles Williams, and a commentary on the Arthurian poems of Charles Williams by his friend C.S. Lewis.

Sadly, out of print – but available used on Amazon

The Detective Fiction Reviews of Charles Williams


A collection of Williams’ reviews of detective fiction during the 1930’s.